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Incorporated in 1996, SulAmérica Investimentos was a result of the acquisition of Brasilpar Asset Management by Banco SulAmérica, by taking advantage of the long experience in managing funds arising from the insurance group’s technical reserves and based on a clear perspective of constant and growing accumulation of private savings. In recent years, SulAmérica Investimentos consolidated its position among the fund managers that raised the most funds in the market, with growth above the industry’s average and standing out as one of the main independent managers in Brazil. Strict risk control, consistency and focus on transparency are keywords for SulAmérica Investimentos in the pursuit of excellence. With a team prepared to understand the needs and goals of our clients and a complete portfolio of investments, from pension plans and investment funds and credit assets, the Company offers Myriad Promos products to suit different investor profiles. Our clients:

  • Institutional and corporate investors: pension funds, insurance companies, social security institutes and other companies.
  • External distributors: financial institutions, family offices, brokerage companies and distributors.
  • Prestige: high-income individuals.
  • International investors: individuals and legal entities not residing in Brazil

SulAmérica Investimentos in numbers



Under Management


Consecutive Year

“AMP-1 Very Strong"




Asset History

  • Acquisition of Brasilpar;
    Entry into the
    Distribuition segment.


  • Commencement of business
    with institutional and
    corporate clients.


  • Change of name to
    Sul America Investimentos.


  • R$ 1.0 billion
    under management.


  • Launch of
    Multicarteira fund.


  • R$ 3.0 billion
    under management.


  • Sul América Group´s
    joint venture with ING,
    and SAMI´s merger
    with ING Inv.Manag.


  • Change of brand
    after the merger.


  • R$ 6.0 billion
    under management.


  • SAMI elected by
    one of the 10 best
    specialized managers.


  • Complete 10 years;
    Asset managed reach R$ 10 billion;
    Launch of Long & Short Fund.


  • Launch of Absoluto fund;
    Sul América Group’s IPO
    raises R$775 million.


  • Inflatie and Select Funds.


  • Launch of Funds:
    - Dividends;
    Marca Prestige Fund.


  • New Positioning of
    the group´s brand;
    Partnership with Tarpon;
    Launch of:
    - Brazil Equity Fund
    - Total Equity Fund.


  • Launch of Fund:
    - Expertise.


  • Inflatie Reaches
    R$ 800 Million of AUM.


  • The Expertise Fund raised
    R$ 500,000,000.00 and
    is closed to new investors.


  • Launch of the new brand.


  • SulAmérica Group 120 years;
    6th consecutive year of the
    maximum rating S&P: AMP-1 Very Strong;
    Partnership with Franklin Templeton;
    Launch of Sul América
    Franklin Templeton FIM IE Fund.
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  • 20 years of SulAmérica Investimentos;
    7th consecutive year in the
    maximum rating of S&P: AMP-1 Very Strong;
    ABS Investment Management Partnership
    launches the fund Sul América ABS FIA IE.


  • SulAmérica Investimentos was awarded as Brazil’s best manager of social security funds by Valor/FGV’s guide. It was a double achievement: first place in the general category and also in the fixed income category. Launch of the SulAmérica Tático FIM Fund


  • SulAmérica Investimentos was elected for the second time in a row as Brazil’s best manager of social security funds by Valor/FGV’s Guide. This time in the category of a 1-year term. Launch of the SulAmérica Apollo FIM Fund


  • Closing the fundraising of SulAmérica Tático Fund when reaching R$600 million in equity.


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For the tenth consecutive year, Standard & Poor’s gave SulAmérica Investimentos the highest rating in the assessment of investment fund managers. The confirmation of the highest rating "AMP-1 - Very strong” is the result of the Company’s good business profile and financial structure, disciplined investment processes, aligned with the best management practices, diversified product portfolio, company strategy, good fiduciary principles and our team’s expertise. Moreover, the maintenance of this achievement shows our constant concern with the improvement of our processes, strict risk control and transparent customer relationship. SulAmérica Investimentos reaffirms its commitment to the continuous pursuit for excellence in fund management and fiduciary principles with its customers. See more information on S&P website


See below the awards attesting our high-quality work:

Responsible Investment

We seek to incorporate socioenvironmental and corporate governance issues into our business in order to reaffirm our commitment to sustainable development. Since 2009, SulAmérica Investimentos has been signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

PRI was designed by an international group of institutional investors to put into practice the six Principles for Responsible Investment that reflect the growing importance to incorporate socio-environmental and corporate governance issues into investment practices. The six Principles were developed by investors and the initiative is supported by two partners at the United Nations, the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative (UNEP FI). PRI currently has more than 1,500 signatories in over 50 countries, totaling US$60 trillion¹ in assets.

By becoming a signatory, SulAmérica Investimentos committed itself to adopting and applying the principles, when compatible with its fiduciary responsibilities, assessing their effectiveness and improving its responsible investment practices, as well as implementing the Principles over time. Our goal is to continually define and strengthen the governance of our management practices that consider, in an integrated manner, the socio-environmental and corporate governance risks and opportunities in our businesses and ethical and transparent relationship with our stakeholders.

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