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Private Pension Plans

SulAmérica Prestige is a segment designed for high-income customers who need customized customer service, tailored products and financial advice to manage their funds. In addition to excellence in private pension products, SulAmérica Prestige offers owned or third-party management investment funds and exclusive and specialized customer service to offer precise opportunities to financial market’s investors.

Advantages of taking out a private pension plan

When investing part of your funds in a private pension plan (a long-term investment), you will be able to enjoy benefits, such as tailored and appropriate tax advantages. Private pension plans are an excellent investment option for portfolio diversification and equity succession, allowing you’re the maximization of your investments, with customized services and distinguished customer services.

The difference between the two types of private pension plans – PGBL and VGBL, and all benefits related to them are as follows:

Financial and tax advantages

No charge of mandatory withholding income tax on investments

Funds accumulated in supplementary pension products, either under PGBL or VGBL, in any fund option, are exempt from semi-annual withholding income tax. Therefore, the funds that would be allocated to income tax obligations bring higher returns in the fund, maximizing your investment.

Income Tax Deduction

All contributions may be deductible up to the limit of 12% of gross annual income. The investments made can be used as deductible expense, reducing the tax base of the Individual Income Tax (IRPF). Progressive and Regressive Tables
For both plans, two tax regimen options are available, to be chosen according to your objectives.

  • Regressive Table

In this tax regime, the income tax rates are determined based on the accumulation period of the plan’s funds. This regime benefits long-term investors, as the longer the fund remain in the plan, the lower the income tax rate will be.

  • Progressive Table

In this regime, the income tax amount will be determined based on the value of the redemption or benefit, on which the rates published by the Brazilian Federal Revenue in the Individual Income Tax Progressive Table will be levied.

Succession planning advantages

They are not part of the probate process

Another advantage is that private pension is used as a great succession planning tool, as the beneficiaries receive the expected funds without the delay of the legal system and the levy of Estate and Donation Tax (ITCMD), court and attorney fees for not being part of the probate process.

Flexibility to indicate beneficiaries

When taking out a supplementary private pension plan, can may indicate one or more beneficiaries or change them at any time, as well as their percentages for receiving the funds.

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